1. verb
1) (to (cause to) feel anxious: His dangerous driving worries me; His mother is worried about his education; There's no need to worry just because he's late.) skrbeti
2) (to annoy; to distract: Don't worry me just now - I'm busy!) motiti
3) (to shake or tear with the teeth etc as a dog does its prey etc.) trgati
2. noun
((a cause of) anxiety: That boy is a constant (source of) worry to his mother!; Try to forget your worries.) skrb
* * *
I [wʌri]
vznemirjenje, jeza, skrb, srd, nejevolja, slaba volja, nadlega, zaskrbljenost, žalost; hunting davljenje, dušenje, grizenje (psa)
beside oneself with worry — ves iz sebe od zaskrbljenosti, ves zbegan
the least of my worries — moja najmanjša skrb
II [wʌri]
transitive verb
povzročiti (komu) skrbi, mučiti, ne pustiti pri miru, nadlegovati, motiti, vznemirjati, drážiti, jeziti, plašiti; dolgočasiti; (o živali) zgrabiti za vrat, daviti, gristi, (raz)trgati
to worry o.s. — (po nepotrebnem) se skrbeti, si delati skrbi
to worry s.o.'s life — (za)greniti komu življenje
does my singing worry you? — vas moje petje moti (je neprijetno)?
to worry s.o. out of s.th. — s težavo odvrniti koga od česa
her health worries me — njeno zdravje mi dela skrbi
to be worried — jeziti se, razburjati se, plašiti se
to worry the sword figuratively (mečevanje) z majhnimi, hitrimi gibi zbegati nasprotnika;
intransitive verb
vznemirjati se, razburjati se; delati si skrbi, biti v skrbeh, biti zaskrbljen, plašiti se; mučiti se, truditi se, s težavo se prebijati (through skozi); trgati, vleči (at s.th. kaj); hunting zgrabiti in raztrgati, prijeti z zobmi in stresti (divjačino) (o psu)
I should worry! colloquially kaj me to briga!, to mi je vseeno!; to mi ni nič mar!
to worry along — s težavo se preriniti skozi
don't worry! — ne delaj si skrbi!
you worry too much — preveč skrbi si delate!
to worry out (a problem) — ponovno se lotiti problema in ga rešiti

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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